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Professionally Qualified Nature cure practitioner and Yoga Instructor with an experience of 10 + Years and a Customer based customized health programs spread across Different Nations (and Leading Hospitals across various countries.

What is Healing?

What is Healing? Healing is a completely natural process. It is thought to be a flow of beneficial energy between the Healer and the recipient that deals with the "dis-ease" at its deepest level and frees your natural resources to work in the most effective way for you. What happens during a Healing Session?

Spiritual Healing

Angel Healing

Pranic Healing

Mudra Healing

Crystal Healing

Emotional Freedom

Star Violet Healing

Psychic Self Defence

Yogic Healing Touch

Mantra Yoga

Yoga Therapy



Distance Healing performed when the clients is not present.It is possible to trasform healing energy over any distance and



Our Yoga program introduces people to a full yoga practice as it was originally intended. People will gain experience in: yoga asanas (postures)



Live online video counseling and consultation is now available for yoga enthusiasts all over the world. With the help of the latest technology,

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Dr Prasad ,Naturopathic Physician and Yoga Master. Healer,Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Health Consultant. He is a Highly trained professional ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience;

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Professionally Qualified Nature cure practitioner and Yoga Instructor with an experience of 10 + Years

and a Customer based customized health programs spread across Different Nations (and Leading Hospitals across various countries. Educationally qualified Master of science(Yoga and Naturopathy),Post Graduation in Naturopathy and yoga, Diploma in Naturopathy and yogic science, Diploma in yoga and massage therapy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotic counselling, Counseling course and Ayurvedic panchakarma course . With expertise in Diets, Nutrition, Crystal healing.panic healing, soul healing,Psychic healing,Spiritual healing, Mantra Yoga, Mudra Healing, Traditional yogic healing, Ayurveda panchakarma, Exercise therapy, Spa therapy, psychotherapy, and traditional treatments etc. Has also been an Active Presence for various Health Camps and Campaigns conducted by Various National and International Organisations in India and Abroad. He has good experience with Nature cure, Raja yoga Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Prana Yoga, Power Yoga, Surya Yoga, Sahaja Yoga ,Osho Meditation, Kayakalpa Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Art of living, Tantric Yoga and different Alternative therapies

Patient Testimonials

I was with in a Crystal healing session. And I also want to share my feelings .. I remember only at first the pleasant coolness of the stones, the calmness .., then my feet and palms suddenly became hot ... and no more sensations .... After the session, lightness, extraordinary lightness throughout the body, softness and some kind of "velvet" feeling in the chest! This is just a miracle!! Thank you💜💎

Alona Korzhova


A few days ago I went through a Crystal Healing program. I want to share very unusual and interesting sensations. The first thing I felt after the session was that I had disappeared from the back of the hump of problems, blocks, clamps, and I never felt its presence, but clearly felt its absence; extraordinary lightness appeared, even the spine became more flexible and mobile. Many sensations have a prolonged effect, it is amazingly interesting to observe their slow and gradual manifestation, the quality of perception of the surrounding world is changing - it becomes brighter and more saturated. The internal state of purity, strength and radiance is transformed into a feeling of unconditional love for all living things on the planet.



Today was on crystalline healing at vedi soul touch, I want to share my impressions)) So: during the session, at first there was a deep mental cleansing of various blocks (suppressed emotions, feelings, etc.) and the removal of physical stress, there was an acute pain in the neck and collar area (pulled the ligaments to training) - it has decreased significantly - it's amazing! )) Then, it is difficult to express feelings in a verbal form)), a surge of energies, peace of mind, easy joy, bliss, the soft radiance of light from every cell of the body! 🥰 After healing ☝☝☝ at all levels, with a radiant smile, returned home😊 I recommend that you go to the doctor’s session and see for yourself the beneficial effect of crystalline healing! )

Eva Shevchuk


My review on the passage of Energy Heling by Dr. Prasad: this is an interesting experience of non-tactile effects on humans. You just lie relaxed - the doctor conjures! The process feels calm and trust. After Helling, my head and mind were so free and pure that thoughts of creativity and music came. I really liked this condition, I wanted to roll mountains !!!! It is very important to keep this condition as long as possible! And if the doctor advises this procedure, be sure to do it! Good luck to all!

Alena Sotnikova


I came to Prasad to undergo his healing when I was in difficult life situation, I felt myself awful and I was sobbing almost all the time. After the session of healing I felt that my soul pain was a little easier to bear. A few days later I understood that I became more positive and my emotional condition was more stable. My difficult situation was much better, thanks to Prasad, I became stronger to be ready to accept it, to look at it with new eyes and to cope with it.

Olga Msksimeyko


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