Psychic Self Defense is the science and art of protecting yourself from psychic attacks that are done internationally or internationally.A person feels weak after interacting with somebody.A salesperson persuades you to buy a non-essential article. A child becomes psychologically disturbed following the parents frequent arguments. An employee feels uncomfortable the moment he steps into the office. A secretary finds the boss too aggressive. A colleague breaks inti an angry outburst during a meeting.When somebody has encroached on your “sacred” space, or your home no longer serves as a sanctuary, or your workplace has become a psychic battlefield, then this Program is definitely for you.The Program offers simple, effective, and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered by most people. It teaches several ways to shield one’s self from projected negative thoughts and psychic contamination such as fashioning and strengthening the human aura, removing negative energies and vibrations from psychically dirty places, reinforcing psychic defense through counter attack and counter defense method; knowing how to deal with black magicians; taking corrective action when person has been psychically penetrated; and other never before known techniques.